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About Garth

Garth Frizzell was elected to Prince George Council in 2008. He was re-elected in 2011 and 2014. Garth currently chairs the city's Finance and Audit Committee and is the alternate director at the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George.

As Councillor, Frizzell has also been on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' Board of Directors for nine years. Over this time, he's served as vice-chair of the Standing Committee on International Relations, chair of the Standing Committee on Finance and Intergovernmental Relations, as well as the Governance Working Group and the BC Caucus. He is currently FCM's 2nd Vice-President. In that role, Frizzell helps guide the direction of FCM, which represents 2000 local governments across Canada, and builds constructive partnerships with the federal government to solve our local needs. In practical terms, programs advocated by FCM, like the Gas Tax transfer, bring more than $3 Million to Prince George every year to support infrastructure needs.

Garth is an educator at the College of New Caledonia, teaching Economics and Entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded the award-winning Terra Cognita Software Systems. He is an active volunteer and past president of the Prince George Chamber of Commerce. Garth speaks French and knows several computer languages, too. He and his wife Sue have three sons: Ioan, Ethan, and Linus. As parents of judo athletes, they regularly travel to practice in the Hart, and increasingly across BC and Canada.


City Councillor

City of Prince George

Nov 2008 – Present  Employment Duration9 yrs 9 mos

Prince George, BC, Canada

2014-2018: Swearing In - Dec. 1, 2014

Chair, Standing Committee on Finance and Audit

Member, International Students Welcoming Committee


2011-2014: Swearing In - Dec. 5, 2011

Member, Select Committee on Homelessness and Affordable Housing

Member, Mayor's Task Force on Public Safety and Crime Prevention

Member, International Students Welcoming Committee


2008-2011: Swearing-in: Dec. 1, 2008,

Member, Standing Committee on Finance and Audit

2011: Chair, Policy Advisory Standing Committee

Initiator, Member, International Students Welcoming Committee


Alternate Director, City of Prince George

Regional District of Fraser-Fort George

Dec 2014 – Present  Employment Duration3 yrs 8 mos

Prince George, BC

As the “Floating Primary Alternate Municipal Director” for the City of Prince George, I attend the RDFFG meetings in the place of any absent Municipal Director from Prince George.